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Nakamura, an Admirable Japanese Friend: Diligence, Politeness, and Perseverance

Nakamura was one of my clients when I used to work as a fitness coach, has been working in Shanghai, China for more than 5 years now, speaking fluent Chinese. After a long time, we caught up on our recent lives yesterday, which reminded me of the days when we used to be together in Shanghai. When people are talking about Japanese, they may think of qualities such as being hardworking, having strong tolerance, being polite, and not wanting to trouble others. Although these may be considered stereotypes, I can personally attest to these admirable qualities in the case of Nakamura.

First and foremost, Nakamura's diligence and strong perseverance. She was one of my best trainees because she would always follow and complete the training plan I assigned her. For example, if I asked her to do an extra set or add more weight, she would try her best to complete it without complaining. The words she often said during training were, "It's okay, I can do it." As a result, she achieved a visible v-line and even the abs she wanted, and I'm proud of her.

Next, her politeness and not wanting to trouble others. She always says thank you and greets everyone politely and smiles. She was conscientious in letting me know ahead of time if she wanted to adjust our class schedule. If the next class required me to ask other members if they would switch time slots with her, she would simply say forget it, don't bother others. Even though Nakamura and I later became close friends who shared daily life, in my eyes, she was always polite and well-mannered. Like yesterday, she was actually want to tell me about a recent difficulty she faced, but she was courteous and exchanged pleasantries for 15 minutes before addressing the issue.

Sometimes I knew Nakamura would hide her negative emotions and only share them when needed. Moreover, due to her personality and the influence of culture, she cannot always fully demonstrate her abilities and express her thoughts. So, I admire her for working and living alone in China for so many years. She said she likes China and wants to stay here and has worked hard towards this goal.

This is Nakamura's story, a very polite and sincere Japanese friend. I hope she can achieve everything she wants, but more importantly, I hope she can relax more.

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