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Highlighting Your Strengths Even If You Have an Introverted Personality Like Susie

Susie was the first fitness coach at the gym who asked me to take photos of her, and I still don't know how she knew I could take pictures. Maybe she noticed that I was always taking photos for my friends. After her, three coaches asked me to take their photos.

Susie was actually a very introverted fitness coach. Besides training her clients at the gym, she didn't talk much to other gym members. But she had many clients who had likely been referred to her through word-of-mouth. I liked to exercise at the gym in the early morning around 6:30 am, and I often saw Susie there. We just smile at each other and don't communicate too much. Obviously, both of us are quite shy.

I remember when she asked me if I could help her take photos, I was a bit surprised because I didn't remember telling anyone about my interest of photography. Taking photos is not my profession, I just enjoy it, so I wasn't very confident in promising her good results. But she said it was okay and that she just wanted some photos to use for her personal branding. I nodded in agreement and we shared a smile, and we agreed to meet next week.

On the day of the photoshoot, I was impressed by Susie's physical fitness performance as she effortlessly performed difficult exercises and managed her expressions well. My favorite photo was of her smiling while bending down because it captured her both warm and confidence.

Although we didn't have more communication after this photo shoot, and we still just smiled at each other when we met, she introduced me to other coaches who then contacted me directly. This shows that Susie recognizes my abilities and I am very grateful for that.

This is Susie's story, and I want to summarize it in one sentence: shy people understand shy people.


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