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He Works Gard on Fitness, but He Also Has an Unwavering Passion for English Education

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

As an English teacher, Mr. Tan initially started working out due to his bad mood, and I was his coach. When he comes to the gym, he often looks down and troubled, but once he starts exercising, he seems to have boundless energy to release. Perhaps, for Mr. Tan, exercise is a way of coping with whatever is weighing on him. Throughout my career in the fitness industry, Mr. Tan has been my most loyal member, always punctual and never cancelling appointments. Additionally, he even teaches me English after our classes. What's impressive about Mr. Tan's English grammar teaching style is his straightforward approach, which makes it easier for me to comprehend complex grammatical concepts. I can't help but notice how happy and fulfilled he looks when teaching English, and it brings me comfort to know that our interaction provides him with a sense of peace and ease for a few hours each week.

Mr. Tan comes in three times a week, and I always try to schedule him for my last class of the day so we can have more time to talk. He's actually really knowledgeable about English grammar and has written a book on the subject. The book is aimed at adults who already have a basic grasp of English, and it's his dream to have it read and recognized by more people. Unfortunately, achieving that dream has been difficult. The competition in China is fierce in every industry, and making a name for oneself is no easy feat. On top of that, the government's new policy to reduce the academic pressure on students has banned holding cram study sessions or giving extra classes off campus, which led to Mr. Tan losing his job as an English teacher.

After writing his grammar book, Mr. Tan shared it on various platforms for free, hoping to reach a wider audience. While some people praised his insights, others criticized them. But Mr. Tan remained patient and continued to explain his views to those who disagreed. He recognized that making an impact in any field is a daunting task, especially when challenging established norms and systems. Despite the challenges, Mr. Tan never gave up on his dream. He believes that if he can influence even a small group of people, it's worth it.

This is Mr. Tan's story. He's mood has improved recently, and he now has a good job and a loving partner. Dreams don't always have to come to fruition to be meaningful; they can provide hope and inspiration just by being kept in your heart.


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